History of SCIMO

The SCIMO organization was formed in the 1970’s as the Emergency Mutual Aid Task Force, a subcommittee of the Inter-Refinery Fire and Safety Committee.  In the late 1990’s the Inter-Refinery Fire and Safety Committee changed its focus primarily to the industrial fire mutual aid and the Inter-Refinery Mutual Aid Organization was formed.  In the 1990’s with the addition of other petroleum facilities, the organization changed its name to the Southern California Industrial Mutual-Aid Organization or SCIMO.  In July of 2003, the organization became a non-profit corporation.  The objectives of this organization was and continues to be the joining together of fire-fighting, rescue and hazardous materials manpower and equipment among Southern California Industries and Municipalities for mutual aid assistance in case of emergency situations – either natural or man-made.

SCIMO’s current membership and associates consist of approximately 20 companies and organizations from Industry, Municipalities and Government Agencies.  The organization has established many programs in its Emergency Response Plan to provide an organized response in time of major industrial incidents and disasters.   SCIMO’s  preparedness for response is due to a well-detailed plan, training drills, facility inspections and formal reviews after each incident.

Although the SCIMO Organization was established for the Southern California area, it maintains agreements with other mutual aid organization in California to provide assistance or receive assistance during major events.  As with any organization or group, the real assets for the organization continues to be the people and their dedication for improvement.