SCIMO brings together its members resources, manpower, knowledge, expertise and specialized equipment to tactically manage industrial fires and emergencies to support large scale incidents at our members facilities.   SCIMO provides the assurance that the appropriate manpower, expertise and resources are available to its members to manage such incidents.  SCIMO responds to emergencies as a secondary response organization for incidents which extend beyond the local response agency’s resources and expertise.

SCIMO manages incidents under a Unified Command Structure with local response agencies to protect the public, the environment and property of critical infrastructure facilities.  SCIMO services not only include specialized equipment, but also trained personnel to support:

  • Industrial Hydrocarbon Firefighting;
  • High Angle/Confined Space Rescue;
  • Oil Spill Response;
  • ICS Overhead Team Support;
  • Air Monitoring Activities
  • Hazardous Materials Containment
  • Industrial Rescue

In addition, SCIMO members train with local response organizations to insure coordination of resources before an incident occurs.  This training not only provides local agencies with the knowledge of what services SCIMO can provide, but also develops long standing relationships between private and agency response personnel for the benefit of the public, the environment and SCIMO members.

SCIMO also maintains liaisons with the local public and Industry forums such as Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) organizations, the Local Emergency Planning Community (LEPC) as well as other governmental agencies and organization to insure adequate planning for emergency response.